Saturday, October 18, 2008

The tediousness pays off.

Just to prove I really did do all that stuff, here are a few pictures to show you what I accomplished today. I didn't take photos of everything. I just didn't think you'd want to see my washer and dryer or the fun we had flipping a king-size mattress. Here's the stuff that smells good:
Apple pie ~

Putting cooked apples through the food mill ~
Hot apple butter ~

A few of the eight spider plants that hang around the deck during the summer and are now snug in their winter home ~

In addition to the list in the last post, I also made a cake for Sunday School tomorrow, prepped tomorrow's dinner, and updated the blog.

I'm exhausted, my back hurts, and I have dishpan hands. But I have a feeling of accomplishment. It was worth it.

Be thankful ~



Deb said...


Joelle said...

that all look SO delicious!!!

Catherine said...

Send the pie.

Leah said...

tell Abbie to bring me some apple butter:-D