Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My reign continues.

And just so you know for sure that I really, truly am the grammar queen, let me inform you that my son-in-law called me from Tennessee today to settle a friendly argument. He and his brother were discussing what that little star thingy that you sometimes put next to a word is called - an asterisk or an asteric.

Judging from the sound of his voice when I told him it was an asterisk, I think he won. So clearly I am still on the throne.

And on another grammatical note, I got a new book in the mail today, The Elephants of Style by Bill Walsh. I'm sure I'll find some nugget of English wisdom to share with you. Try to contain your excitement.

Be thankful ~


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Gwendolyn said...

I am SO not a grammar queen. (I know...you are shocked.) But! I actually knew that! I'm so impressed with myself. LOL