Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm crazy.

Today I was trying to kill some time while waiting for Abbie's class to be over. I was walking along a row of stores that have brick fronts, in a shopping center that is huge, located at the intersection of I-95 and a six-lane highway. It's the city, no doubt.

As I was getting near Old Navy, a little brown thing in a sheltered brick corner caught my eye. I stopped and took a step back to see what it was and here's what I found:

Can you see what that is and how tiny he is? It's a little brown bat, hanging upside down in the middle of the city! No kidding, his body isn't more than 2 inches long! And he was sound asleep. I got my phone about six inches from him to take this picture and he never stirred, although when I came out of the store a few minutes later, he had shifted his position a bit. His body is covered in brown fur - he looks just like a little mouse with wings. Can you believe I'm thinking a bat is cute?

I looked for other bats hanging around, but couldn't find any. So what happened to this one? Why is he alone in the city? Do you suppose he'll find his buddies tonight when they all come out to eat bugs? Why am I still thinking about a bat? Maybe becoming a grandmother has made me feel all maternal again. But toward a bat?

Be thankful ~



Gwendolyn said...

I MIGHT think that a two-inch bat was cute...and then only if it was asleep. I can't imagine what it was doing in the city, weird!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

how exciting! i think it's neat that you got to see one and take a picture. i'm jealous.

daniel said...

lol that reminds me of the little brown bat my cat caught ill send you a pic.

Karate Mom said...

OK, first off I read this: "Today I was trying to kill some time..." as you were trying to kill someONE and I thought to myself, "Now, THAT'S a little out of character!" Tee hee!
Also, IT'S STELLALUNA!!!! How cute!!

Amy B said...

How strange! He must've gotten lost. I would have loved to see that!

daisy said...

I think bats are quite cute...AND not to mention the number of mosquitoes they devour. I want to put up bat houses under the eaves of the garage.