Sunday, September 21, 2008


Chickadee must be sick of me. I saw this cool gadget on her blog called *Followers* and just had to have it, and she has been trying to coach me through using it, bless her heart. And I have been bugging her endlessly with silly comments about how I can't find this, figure out that, have no hyperlink, and on and on I drone taking up valuable comment space on her blog that other people could use.

I really would love to be technically literate, it's just not in my DNA.

Anyway, I found the gadget, got it on my blog, then struggled with it for two days and finally it appeared like it was supposed to. I don't think most of that was my fault - it just magically fixed itself. At least that's how I'm telling the story.

Then I couldn't figure out how to follow another blog. It's not like there are instructions anywhere. So I struggled with THAT, until I had the brilliant idea to ask a question on the "how to" board. After all, if the "how to" board is not for asking questions, what IS it for, right?


Apparently, it gives grumpy people an outlet for their frustrations with those of us who can't figure out how to use a certain gadget.

But grumpiness aside, a certain person did give me the info I needed to use said gadget properly, so here I am with a followers link on my sidebar, and in complete understanding of the proper protocol for following another blog. Whatever would I do without Capt. Grumpy?

So if you want to follow my blog and have your teeny-tiny picture over there on the sidebar, click on *follow this blog*. If you want to follow another blog, use the instructions given by Sir Grumpy:

*If you want to follow a blog, get its URL and go to your Dashboard - Reading List (at the bottom) - click 'Add', and insert the URL. *

And if you share El Grumpy's opinion that I should have been born knowing how to do this, simply use your browser's back button to exit this blog.

And have a lovely day.

Be thankful ~



chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

sorry it was so complicated. most things are unfortunately. i still can't figure out my new cell phone.

Gwendolyn said...

LOL...I had to get my teenager to tell me what to do. And I still haven't figured out to get a picture on there so that I don't keep showing up as a shadow person. :o)