Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Title-less, because I can't think right now.

What an incredible week at camp! We love the WILDS - great preaching, great music, tons of fun, awesome hikes, and the food's not too bad either!

We took 18 teenagers down last Monday in two vans. Nine hours on the road and we were actually there 15 minutes before the registration window opened - that's a first. Here's some of our group being silly:

I can't possibly show you all the pictures we took - there were hundreds - but I'll share a few from our hikes.

These are some of the over-300 steps climbing up out of the second falls:
Our view of Lake Toxaway taken from the path:

First falls is on top, second falls is below. Again, our view from the trail:

One of the highlights of a trip to the Wilds is the giant swing. If you've never seen it, you really can't appreciate just how high up it takes you. They strap you into skydiving harnesses, hook you up to this cable that pulls you up and back, and when it gets to the top, it lets go and you free-fall. It's horrifying.

The day our girls were going on the swing it was POURING rain. Here are Boo and Joy getting pulled up:

And here they are in flight:

We were standing under a broken, borrowed umbrella to protect the camera while taking these shots. We also got a video of Abbie and Sarah on the swing. In the video, just before the cable lets loose, you can hear Ben praying very loudly, "LORD JESUS, PLEASE KEEP MY GIRL SAFE!"

It's not a fun thing for a parent to watch.

And oh, the screaming!

Anyway, we had a ball as always, and we're already making plans for next year. If you ever just get a hankerin' to send your kids to an awesome summer camp, do check out the WILDS. It's unforgettable.

Be thankful ~


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