Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'll keep my regular job.

Are you athletic? Good at sports?

I am SO not.

The only sport I ever had any success at was running, and I strove to be average at that.

Give me a ball and I melt into a puddle of uncoordination. I would be embarassed, but at 46, I don't think I'm often judged by my ability to play a game. I'm thankful for the little things.

So when I spent two weeks with the 5-12 year olds in daycamp, it was a challenge. Those people are active, I tell you. We always had gym time in the afternoon, and would play all manner of games with balls of various sizes. One day there weren't too many of us, and 11-year old Jonathan was trying to teach me to shoot baskets. This kid is the next Michael Jordan.

He coached. He encouraged. He lowered the basket so I could touch the rim. I am not kidding. Here's the result:

Good thing I can cook.

Be thankful ~


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