Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All in a day's work.

In addition to the usual algebra, biology, English, history, writing, Spanish, and Greek & Latin, and canning tomatoes, we got a few things accomplished today.

We sent "Big Red," my husband's affectionate name for his purple truck, off to be fixed finally. We bought the truck my daughter calls Barney two years ago and started taking it apart to replace the timing chain and associated parts. Ben's just a bit too busy to get to it, so today we sent it to the truck hospital. Hopefully we'll get it back in about a week running like a top.

(I should tell you, or my husband undoubtedly will pirate my blog to share this, that the official name of the color of his truck is "chestnut." Some call it brown, he calls it red, the rest of us call it purple. It's kind of a family joke. Except that he isn't laughing.)

After "Big Red" was hauled off, Elijah got to work digging out a few sickly azalea bushes in the front yard. He was on the lookout for a worm snake for the preschool. The director, Mrs. R., loves to keep animals for the kids to watch and take care of. She had a worm snake earlier in the summer, but someone loved (read squished) it just a little too much. Today Elijah found three of them and put them in a bucket to take to her.
Worm snakes are pretty cool for little kids because they don't bite. At least that's what all the websites tell us. The biggest one (only a foot long) is pretty feisty and doesn't like to be handled, but the other two are pretty mellow. They're easy for kids to take care of because they eat, get this, worms. Imagine that.

So now it's bedtime and I'm ready for it. My newest copy of National Review is calling. . .

Be thankful ~


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Liz said...

I've never heard of a worm snake. We have copperheads and cottonmouth (water moccasins) around here and they are very poisonous.

Hey, pass that National Review to me when you are through. :)