Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some gore with your Bible story.

I'm learning a great deal during my thankfully short tenure in the daycamp.

Every morning the children play until most of them are there. Then we have a bathroom break, a snack, and Bible time. Last week Randall took care of Bible time, and I just tried to keep Brandon from standing on his head in his seat.

This week, Randall is on vacation.

So Monday, I had some lame lesson prepared that even I can't remember.

Tuesday I got it together and, in the interest of keeping the boys' attention, I brought out the blood and guts and violence. Did you know the Bible is full of that? Start in Judges. We read about Ehud, the lefthanded dagger-maker, and Eglon, the fat king who became the dagger-receptacle. The boys loved it.

Today we're going to read about Jael (sounds like jail) with the nail. She invites this bad guy, Sisera, into her tent to hide from his pursuer, and when he falls asleep, she drives a tent spike through his temples into the ground. My kinda woman.

There's a Bible story for everyone - even hyperactive little boys.

Be thankful ~


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