Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello?? Is anyone still here??

The Wilds now has internet available for sponsors, so here I am actually updating in the middle of my week in the middle of nowhere.

Today was our first full day here and it was busy. We had breakfast with the jr. high campers, sponsor prayer meeting, ran down the hundreds of steps for morning chapel, ran back up the hundreds of steps for the ladies' and mens' sessions, had a picnic lunch by the lake, changed clothes and hiked to the second falls, stood in the driving, and I do mean driving, rain to video Abbie and Sarah on the giant swing, hiked back to the Inn in the still driving rain, showered, napped briefly, went to town for dinner and another pair of shoes for Ben (long story), and are now sitting here checking e-mail before the evening service starts at 8:45.

Yes, it BEGINS fifteen minutes before bedtime.

Anyway, we're having fun, the preaching is great, and I'll share photos when we get home.

Be thankful ~


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