Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another Perspective

It-was-a- symphony! The first movement featured three men playing saws to provide the foundation (worked down to the foundation that is) for movement two that featured hammers drumming, strings popping and pencils whistling to lay out the structure. The third and final movement featured a window pair set to the tune of light sunshine in my living room.

It was a beautiful thing. My eldest son instructing my youngest in framing, safety and planning. Mama and Abbie jumping in to provide the extra push and encouragement that comes natural to them coupled with smiles and joy. Dad doing what he does best (demolition, cheap labor and delegation) to provide leadership by example. Rain and a strong breeze from the Lord to keep us from working too hard and too long (one of dad's great leadership weaknesses). The BBQ was great, food so so (dad cooked) but the fellowship wonderful as always. It was, as are most of our family projects, a symphony!

*This perspective brought to you by Ben*

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