Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The wheels on the bus don't always go round and round.

Last Friday we took our youth group to the last BYF (Baptist Youth Fellowship) of the year. We were headed to a church about 30 minutes away in the little bus when it suddenly lost power. No brakes, no AC, no engine. Watson (the youth pastor) pulled into a church parking lot that happened to be right there and we all got out to stare dumbly at the motor. It didn't help.

Here are some of the teens being entertaining while the adults were eyeballing the bus.

Here we are getting on the rescue bus that came to get us. We left the broken one in the parking lot with a note on it. There's a sign in the driveway of this church saying that trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles are prohibited. Oops.

And since we couldn't get to the BYF, we went back to our church and played basketball and volleyball and ate pizza. Ben says it was the best one he's ever been to.

And as if that weren't enough exciting news for one day, here's a picture of a little guy I found on the back of the house the other day. This luna moth is as big as my hand.

Be thankful ~


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carrie said...

we had one of those moths at our house! Cool!

he must be making the rounds!