Friday, May 9, 2008

Pedanticizing, once again.

The funniest thing just happened.

Actually, it may not be funny to those of you who get 200+ comments a day, but it cracked me up.

Someone left a comment on a rant I posted months ago by doing a Google search for the word "pedantist." Now, if I were ever going to be famous for one thing, I guess it would be for being a grammar pedantist, and that's not so bad, really. Although he said he tried to look up the word in the dictionary and it wasn't there, so I guess it's not really a word.

So then I just had to go look it up myself, because, after all, I AM a pedantist. And do you know what I found? The word is pedant. It is defined as "one who overemphasizes rules or minor details." And since that so totally and accurately describes me, I thought I would share my newfound minor detail with you. And furthermore, while others may call it overemphasizing, I do not. I firmly believe in the preservation of the English language, even though it's already been butchered beyond comprehension by Americans. But I try. Because I'm a pedant. And yes, I realize those are not the most well-constructed sentences, but artistic license does have its place.

Be thankful~


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