Sunday, April 20, 2008

Music makes me happy. (Now with NEW and IMPROVED pictures!)

Saturday was Leah's junior recital which, technically, she didn't HAVE to do, but her private teacher (the director of the symphony) told her she had to. And as a proud mama, I'm glad he did. That girl has more talent in her little finger than I do in my whole body, which is actually quite a bit larger than her little finger. Here she is at six feet tall in her three inch heels:

And with her accompanist who was absolutely incredible:

Her last piece featured her as first violin playing with a string quartet and harpsichord. Picture a room full of swirly-skirted ladies being waltzed around by stodgy black-tailed gentlemen. That's what this piece sounded like.

Since Leah was wearing pink, each girl wore black with some pink accessory - the cellist has a big pink scarf tied around her ponytail. The violist (just to the left of the harpsichord) wore hot-pink patent-leather pointy-toed spiked-heel pumps. Abbie fell in love with them and got a great close-up (can you tell she's not real interested in the music?), but in the last few days McAfee has decided I don't need to see every picture I download, and it won't let me post that one. If I can figure out why, I'll share the lovely shoes. In the meantime, you'll have to take my word that those shoes were SASSY.

*Edited to show you the SASSY pink shoes*

Leah played beautifully and my mother cried, as usual. She may be sappier than I am. We took all the kids out for dinner, well, really my dad did. It's always great fun to watch a table full of teens/young adults EAT. Those people can put back some groceries!

So we had a great day. Next Saturday is the spring symphony concert, then the following week is GRADUATION!!! I'll try to figure out McAfee's problem before the rest of our big events. Have a wonderful week!

Be thankful ~



Modlmy said...

the really cool part is that Michael hadn't played harpsichord before we did the Bach, and the actual recital was only the third time he's played a harpsichord. In his LIFE. Yeah, he's awesome. Just a lot.

Lisa said...

Leah is beautiful! Let her know that it's not everyone (or every age) that can wear a dress that reflects light.

Be thankful, indeed. =)