Thursday, April 10, 2008

Facebook. Hmph.

I'm just a tad perturbed this morning. Yesterday Elijah informed me that his Facebook account had been disabled by the Facebook people themselves because he is homeschooled. I just couldn't believe it, so I tried to log in to his account and sure enough, there was the notice saying it had been disabled because he is homeschooled. I read all the FAQs about the subject, and found that, in an effort to keep Facebook a "safe" place, they verify the schools that kids claim to be enrolled in, and since you can't really verify a homeschool, they just disable those accounts. Except that all of his homeschooled friends also have Facebook accounts and none of the others were deleted. I'm trying not to get all mother-bearish here. After all, it IS just a Facebook. On the other hand, it IS how he keeps in touch with friends and siblings who live far away, and he DOES have my permission to have it, and I DO frequent my kids' Facebooks to keep an eye on things and generally be an adult presence.

So I wrote to the powers that be, asking how a homeschooled kid could have a Facebook with his parents' permission, without lying about his age or school as I know some kids do. I'll let you know what I find out.

In other news, day two of the yardwork marathon commences. If I can still function at the end of this, I'll see you tomorrow.

Be thankful ~



Liz said...

Yours is not the first time I have heard of this. I will be waiting to see what you find out. The other people that I heard of did not get it resolved. Maybe Facebook is biased againt homeschoolers.

(How many people would lie and say they were homeschooled anyway? :))

Modlmy said...

I mean, I understand how you can't verify it, but you can't prove that someone lives in a certain area either...can't he just be on the area network instead of a school network?

carrie said...

I hate facebook. So much. I deleted mine when all the hoopla about the breastfeeding mothers came out. And now I hate them even more.