Saturday, April 12, 2008

Better than bean sprouts.

Since I am sick of thinking about Facebook, I will spend the next few moments talking about one of my favorite subjects - Food.

I love food. Of all kinds. I love Chinese and Thai, Vietnamese noodles and Mexican-cheesy-spicy stuff, a good steak or a lemon-crusted piece of salmon, ice cream, cookies, Butterscotch Krimpets, and mostly chocolate. Because I have a discriminating palate.

This is a problem for me though, because as some of you have already found out, the myth that you gain weight easily after turning 40? It is not a myth. Literally within two months of turning forty, I gained 10 pounds without changing my diet or exercise level, which just happened to be zero. No problem, I thought, I'll just up the exercise and the pounds, they will melt away. Or not. Now that I'm 46, I lift weights, use an elliptical (and not for a clothes hanger), and swim, all on a regular basis. The pounds, they are not melting away. So I cut out all food other than what is necessary to sustain life. The pounds, they are stubborn little buggers. And I am going through serious goody-withdrawal.

So in my effort to supply my body with the sugar it so fiercely craves, I've started eating fruit. Apples, pears, mangos, pineapples, and yesterday, our first seedless watermelon of the season. It is incredible - juicy, sweet, great flavor - but you know what? It isn't chocolate. And that makes me sad.

But I have an ace up my sleeve. Every Saturday I bake something for our Sunday School class the next day. We have the college and career age people, who I'm sure you know cannot function without food in their hands. And they depend on me to keep them from starving to death while we sing and take prayer requests and listen to Ben teach. So right now? The divine aroma of a chocolate cream cheese pound cake is wafting from my oven. But it's for THEM. Really. I can't let them down, right? And cream cheese is dairy, so that's good, right? And eggs? And wheat? And milk? I think this might qualify as health food!

Thank you for letting me get this off my chest, and for offering your words of wisdom and setting me straight. I feel much better about eating a huge chunk of health food now. While it's warm. With a big glass of cold milk. Thank you. Really.

Be thankful ~



Modlmy said...

You know, I think chocolate is the other food group.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please don't tell me it's not a myth! I'm currently trying to lose the 10 pounds that have crept up on me in the last couple years, and I'm only 35!

Have you ever had "Skinny Cow" ice cream cones or ice cream sandwhiches? They are so yummy, so like the real thing, and you can get your chocolate fix for only about 100 calories (oh yea, and some chemicals).


Nicole said...

Too bad the pound cake didn't make it to class. It sounds wonderful. :)

I agree with Leah about chocolate being another food group. :D

Lisa said...

Ummm, YUM! Can I come have some of your health food?

I'm over 40, and when I lost my job and stopped eating fattening lunches with my co-workers and started eating turkey sandwiches instead, I lost two sizes. Now, however, I think I'm about to get a job where I will be required to take people to fattening lunches. Oh noez! There may be a gym membership in my future -- I like my new size!