Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the . . .

I cannot believe I am even writing this. Hold on to your hats friends, because WE HAVE BEEN INVITED TO GO CAMPING. There are a few families in our church who regularly camp together at a state park here in Virginia, and we're going the week after Easter.

God have mercy on their poor souls. Or at least their tents.

They've heard the stories. They've seen the pictures. They know the reputation that precedes us. And they STILL asked us to go. Should I offer to pay for psychiatric examinations? Buy them self-help books? Ben says, "No, just buy the mother of all tarps. Or ten."

So that's what we'll do. Pack up the van with tents, chairs, food, and tarps enough to cover all of Westmoreland County and head for the woods.

At what age do we begin to learn from our mistakes?

Be thankful ~



Modlmy said...

yeah that's really none too smart. I was telling my friend Pete about our camping trips today and he said, "well, Leah, we're friends and all, but I'm never going camping with you." Lol.
The spring concert is April 26th at 8. So you'll be here the 19th for my recital, the 26th if you decide to come for that, and then the week after for graduation/move out fun. Aren't you looking forward to the gas bills?

Anonymous said...

I just suggested to my oldest that we go camping sometime. She is still laughing.