Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I need first-aid training.

Lovely called yesterday. That's almost never a good thing.

She began the conversation by telling me the amount of this month's electric bill. Oh, goody.

Then we talked about whether or not throwing up can be part of PMS (from which Lovely suffers quite a bit), or if maybe she had a stomach virus the night before.

Then there was an ominous pause. I braced myself, knowing the worst was coming.

She then told me that, in the midst of the puking the night before, her upper retainer was, um, lost. You can guess where it went, and obviously there's no retrieving it. Our orthodontist loves us. He has straightened the teeth in all five of my kids' mouths, doing the last two for half price, but he's more than made up for that good deal with all the replacement retainers we buy.

Ben says our checking account is a hemorrhage. Someone bring a tourniquet.

Be thankful ~



carrie said...

I cannot even imagine.

Modlmy said...

exactly...I almost sent the thing back to my landlord with corrections in red pen...but I restrained myself. Be proud.