Saturday, February 16, 2008

Doggies and drunks. But not drunk doggies.

In looking through the millions of pictures on my computer I finally came across the one very special picture I've wanted to share for the longest time, but couldn't find! I'm so excited!

Oh how they hated each other! But this was the prize spot in front of the woodstove and I caught them both there for just a few seconds. Spanky would lie down, Pete would see him there and saunter over, Spanky would get up disgustedly and walk away. He usually jumped up on the couch because Pete wasn't allowed up there. *sigh* I really miss my little dog.

Elijah and I were getting out of the car today at the grocery store and in the car next to us were two Yorkiepoo puppies. Oh. My. Goodness. It took every ounce of restraint to not smash the window and steal them both. But enough of my confessions.

In other extremely uninteresting news, Ben and I went to the retirement ceremony of a friend we were stationed with the last 7 years in the Navy. It was over at Andrews AFB on Friday morning. 10 am to be exact. Followed by a lovely reception. We left there at about 12 and had to kill the entire afternoon before dinner with these friends and their family at 5. So we had fun exploring the base, wondering what it would have been like to live there (we had tried to get orders to Andrews), and generally had a lovely, lazy afternoon.

At five we got to the restaurant with another couple and we were showed to the room reserved for our party. We sat and talked while we waited for the family to get there. When they finally showed up at 5:30 we understood why they were late. They had spent ALL AFTERNOON at a bar. A few of the ladies were sober (designated drivers, I'm thinking), but the rest of them were rip-roaring drunk. Now these are middle-aged people. Responsible adults. With jobs. And children - some of them present. I don't get it. Am I just out of touch? It was almost embarassing. But dinner with this other couple was lots of fun, so we had a good time anyway. But really! Is that what it takes to have a good time? How sad.

Be thankful ~


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Mostly Sunny said...

Your title cracked me up! We have a dog that would be a drunk I think if she were human!
She has an excessive personality in every way... excessively possessive of her Nasty Sheep, excessive in her eating, barking, and love of outdoors. Even excessive in her ignoring our repeated requests to quit barking at the jogging lawyer in front of our house! Yikes!