Sunday, January 6, 2008

If they want men to buy it, they'll call it Buffalo Wings.

I have four cell phones on my family plan. Aren't you glad to know that? Bear with me - there's a reason I'm telling you this. Because there are four of us with phones, my bill is $130 a month. They tell me that's not too bad. But THEY don't pay my bill, so I don't think they should offer THEIR opinion.

Anyway, since Adorable doesn't drive on her own yet, and since she is home schooled, she really hasn't needed a phone. But she's a little creeped out by the thought of being on the community college campus with no car AND no phone, so Ben and I agreed that it would be a good idea to add her to the plan. It's only another $10 a month, and after all, it IS for her safety.

So Ab and I went to the Verizon store a few days ago to ask about changing the plan, contracts, and to look at phones. There are phones there just like mine. Well, not really just like mine. These are the newer versions of mine. The sales person looks at my phone and assumes I'm there for an upgrade. But that would mean learning new phone software, and that is DEFINITELY not on my list of things to do in the near future. I might be just a tad RTC. Maybe.

Anyway, THE phone to have these days is a Chocolate. You know, the little skinny thing where the top plate slides up to uncover the keypad. With a name like Chocolate it has to appeal to females. And it comes in some nifty colors like Blue Mint and Black Cherry and some fluorescent green that I can't find online. The downside is that the Chocolate costs more than I had budgeted for another phone, which is exactly zero.

Let the posturing begin.

Ab has been wracking her brain trying to figure out how to get me to buy her a Chocolate. She does have a birthday coming up and we've been discussing what she wants. So this morning in the car she said, "Hey, Mom, I have an idea. What if I get a Chocolate for my birthday?"

And before I could open my mouth to reply, Mike said, "Yeah! It's the gift that keeps on taking!"

And just so you know, I'm trying very hard to get a good picture of a neighborhood event you'll really want to hear about. But I can't tell you until a get a pic.

Be thankful ~



carrie said...

we have one cell phone. It has an antennae. And Charlie usually takes it since he works 30 minutes from home.

And I've never ever texted anyone!

How ancient!

Mostly Sunny said...

Oh, I feel your pain. We got rid of our land line last year and now just all use cell phones... 6 of us! Ut's actually cheaper this way, we discoverd! We each have our own, and it has made life SO much quieter, and actually easier. But alas, none of us has a Chocolate! I think the name of it is just toooo tempting!!

JenIG said...

I would *so* pay extra for a chicken curry phone.

and i'm with Carrie, i would not know how to text if my life depended on it.

JenIG said...
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Lisa said...

My kids (both teenage boys) both wanted that phone on the last trip in to the phone store to repair Son the Younger's phone. Turns out Son the Older got a Palm phone (which he paid for himself) and Son the Younger is going to limp along until he's had his phone for a year and can get a discount on this fine phone. *sigh* Teenagers.