Friday, December 14, 2007

The New Me!

Or at least a different picture. In the interest of full disclosure, I thought you should know I don't wear red sparkly gowns all the time. This one includes my neighbor's little boy, Bailor, who I take care of occasionally. I used to be his full-time nanny, but found I couldn't get my kids educated so I had to quit that. Bailor still likes to come over when he needs a dirt or mud fix - his mother is opposed to little boys digging in the garden and finding worms and all that, ewww, outside stuff. So we take him out, roll him around, smear it in real well, then give him a bath before we send him home. It works for all involved.

Be thankful ~



Jeana said...

The picture is beautiful!

Lisa said...

You look like you're the mother of that adorable child, not a 22 year old! How young and gorgeous are you!