Monday, November 26, 2007

One more thing.

Although this has nothing to do with the last post, except that it also includes Pete. Well, that would be the last two posts, but who's counting, right?

Anyway, I have been looking for months for a picture of my two dogs, one of whom is no more, and finally found it in some obscure, out-of-the-way, very neatly hidden folder on this computer, and I just had to share it with you. Pete is the big bulldog, Spanky the little Yorkie. Spanky couldn't stand Pete. He barely tolerated him, but we did manage to get a picture of the two of them together, sharing the coveted spot in front of the woodstove:

Now everybody say, "Awwwwww!" Actually, just seconds after I snapped this photo, Spanky got up disgustedly and walked away. *sigh*

Be thankful ~


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Mostly Sunny said...

Thanks for setting me straight on my spelling woes. No, I don't think you're a geek. I grew up with a mom whose favorite quote was, "Look it up!"