Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jeans and noodles and sweat, oh my!

Abbie and I went to run errands today and one of them was hunting a new pair of jeans for her. This is no small task. In case you can't tell by her picture, she is l-o-n-g and t-h-i-n. 5"7" and about 110 pounds with her soaking wet three-foot long hair. She doesn't like skin tight jeans, hates stretch denim, detests skinny jeans, and is tired of expensive jeans that rip at the knee after three months. So our first stop was Ross - you know, the "dress for less" place. We usually have good success finding her things there. And wouldn't you know, she found a pair of bootcut Levi's with just a little bit of stretch that fit great and were only $12.99. Can you imagine?? That's a bargain in anybody's book!

And Abbie has been doing a lot of driving since she has her permit and has to log 40 hours behind the wheel with Mom or Dad. AND there is a lot of new construction going on in the nearest shopping center. The whole thing has only been open for a year and they are still adding to it. So as we're driving through we always look at the new buildings trying to figure out what they're going to be. Well today Abbie was supposed to be watching the road when she spied the word "Noodle" out of the corner of one eye and exclaimed, "Hey! It's a Noodle. . . um. . . shack!"

Noodle Shack?

Is that redneck Vietnamese cuisine? I guess we'll find out.

Tomorrow I get the thrill of grocery shopping and getting back to the gym. I haven't worked out since last week on account of my injured groin muscle which I have been successfully milking for all it's worth. But all good things must come to an end, so back to the sweat mill I go.

Be thankful ~


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jenIG said...

your abbie sounds like my ryann: *impossible* to shop for.
ps i think a noodle shack sounds delectable