Sunday, October 21, 2007

You know those commercials where the announcer says, "Life comes at you fast?" All true.

I can't remember the last day I blogged, so I'll back up a bit. Mike and Lovely came home Thursday night for fall break and have been here for the weekend. The kids had reserved a recording studio for Friday morning, and we wound up spending five hours there. Their latest will be mixed and mastered Monday - I'll try to share some when we get the final product, if I can figure out how to post a song here. I'll get Adorable to help me. It was loads of fun and we learned a lot, and they actually got Elijah to sing some on one song, AND play his cello on another. Poor thing - his voice is changing and cracks at the most inopportune times, though I don't know of an opportune time for a 14-year-old's voice to crack.

Then Saturday our church school's soccer team played for the State Championship. And lost. But at least they didn't get slaughtered - it was only 1-0. They played hard, a few came out with injuries, and they certainly didn't embarrass themselves - we were proud. We screamed until we were hoarse, stomped on the bleachers, blew the air horn, shouted obnoxious things at the obviously blind refs. Seriously, the refs missed a hand ball, offsides several times, numerous fouls, and let the play continue around a guy who was rolling on the ground in agony. It was a pathetic example of officiating. But you would expect me to say that since my team lost. And you would be right.

While we were driving home we got a call from Lovely's friend, Jenny, who was coming to have dinner with us. Jenny goes to school with Lovely. I had given her directions earlier in the day, and let me tell you, I give great directions. But I didn't factor in Jenny's lack of internal compass. Part of the directions are as follows:

Turn right on XYZ Road. Come to a four-way stop. Go straight through.

Jenny made the turn on XYZ and came to the four-way stop.

And got lost.

At the four-way stop. Where she was supposed to go straight.

I'm sorry, but this is completely beyond my comprehension.

Jenny finally got here and we decided she would stay the night rather than try to drive home in the dark, bless her heart. She stayed, we all went to church this morning, and the kids just left a few minutes ago to drive back to school, with Jenny following them. While we were standing in the driveway, the following conversation took place:

Lovely: Jenny, repeat after me.

Jenny: OK. (laughing)

Lovely: I will follow this green Honda.

Jenny: I will follow this green Honda. (still laughing)

Lovely: I will turn when this Honda turns. I will go straight when this Honda goes straight. I will stop only when this Honda stops.

Jenny repeats all this while laughing, and Lovely is dead serious. I hope Jenny follows a car better than she follows directions.

So here we are on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. I could wash the car, sweep the leaves off the deck, make some cookies (yeah, we really need those), do laundry, balance the checkbook, or make a plan for the coming week (yes, I actually do that). And what do you think are the odds that I'll do any of those things?


My newspaper and sofa in the sun room await. I feel a nap coming on.

Be thankful ~


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