Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today my oldest daughter is 21, and let me tell you, she could not be more of a blessing to me. Darlin' Deb got married just over a year ago (her pic is on the sidebar) and moved to TN with her hubby. They are very happily working, building a house, and hubby is starting college.

Recently their community has been rocked by a serious incident and, while others are gossipping and judging, Deb lay awake one night thinking, "let him that is without sin first cast a stone at her." So she got up the next day, called the girl involved and went to see her. They talked for several hours and the girl and her husband both thanked Deb for coming to see her. It's very easy to stand in judgment, and we should - God tells us to judge righteous judgment - but there needs to be a good dose of compassion mixed in too. Sort of a "there, but for the grace of God, go I" kind of thing. I'm proud that my girl showed that. She's pretty amazing.

Today I'm going looking for a cobbler. Didn't know they still existed, did you? I didn't either, but Ben wants two pairs of shoes resoled - he likes the shoes and doesn't want new ones. What is wrong with that man? Not wanting new shoes?? Anyway, that, school, and PE at the Y will take up my day. Hope yours is good.

Be thankful ~


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