Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yesterday my family lost a faithful friend. He never failed to greet us excitedly when we came home. He followed us to many different places, always adapting readily to wherever we lived. When we lived with friends for six months, he stayed in the house we were building and waited for us to come in the mornings. Every vet or groomer that ever worked on him loved him. He was a happy, friendly little dog. The story of how we got him is long, so I'll just say that God picked him for us. He was the perfect pet.

Thank you, Spanky for so enriching our lives. You're not hurting anymore, and we have the memory of a true friend.

Be thankful ~



carrielouise said...

He's so cute. That's sad.

JenIG said...

oh Karen, i am sorry. i hope he gets to go to heaven. not that i think animals have souls, etc, but why wouldn't there be animals in heaven who we've already known and like? that would be awesome and it just wouldn't surprise me. I mean good golly, God can do anything He wants to, right? I am hoping that Bobo's kitten Meadow is up there waiting for him...
much love,

Anonymous said...

so sorry about your pet. we get attached to them easily.
He was a cute little dog.