Saturday, September 15, 2007

I am happy to report that I do not have mono. So that begs the question "what, exactly, is wrong with me??!!!" I am still very tired, weak-ish, have a sore throat and headache, and generally feel like I've been hit by a bus, to borrow one of my dear's favorite sayings. I actually entertained the extremely remote possibility of pregnancy - but only for a nanosecond. Any longer and I would have added 'faint' to my list of maladies. I've been taking vitamins like chocolate, drinking herbal teas to combat the sore throat and coughing, resting (other than beating Pete for stealing chicken bones out of the trash), and drinking lots of water (Darlin' Deb's cure-all). Maybe I need colloidal silver - that's JenIg's famous remedy fer what ails ya. So Jen, what is this stuff and what is it supposed to do for me? If it involved eating poison ivy leaves, you can forget it.

Be thankful ~



jenig said...

gargle (and then swallow) about two teaspoons of the stuff. and on a side note... earlier today all of a sudden i realized that i was feeling abnormally happy -- gleeful almost. i could not account for it. I hadn't had a large dose of caffiene, I hadn't been drinking any moonshine, etc etc, and then all of a sudden i realized i had eaten an inordinate piece of chocolate cake.

therefore... i'm also adding chocolate cake to my list of 'cure-alls'

jenig said...

i meant to say an inordinately LARGE piece of chocolate cake. i didn't mean to intimate that it was not a 'normal ordinary piece of cake' (as in, 'laced with something questionable'). Just thought i better clarify that.

Coie said...

Goat Milk is the true cure all. Fresh, cooled and raw.