Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well I am having a perfectly lovely day. It's only 85 degrees, lower humidity, bright blue sky - what's not to love? Today we are having a BBQ for our SS class (college & career), so I left early to go get what I needed at Walmart before the usual Saturday crowds took over. By the time I got back around 9 am, my kids were all busy vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, and exercising the dumb bulldog. By 10 we had the house all done, beans in the crockpot, disposable dishes all set up, food ready to cook, and a bowl of cookie dough waiting to be baked later. You know, years ago when I had a house full of toddlers everyone thought I was crazy, but I had a plan. And today I saw the plan in action and it worked perfectly! The toddler years were a lot of work on my part, training, teaching, cleaning up after their efforts, but the work has paid off many-fold and I am very blessed. Good job, God!

Be thankful ~



carrielouise said...

I like to hear stuff like that. I am not necessarily in the toddler stage, but still feel like I'm just beginning "cleaning" training with many tasks. It's time consuming and frustrating, but I'm going to trust you that it's worth it!

JenIG said...

Amen, sister! those todder years are totally worth it -- the pay off is incredible.

JenIG Again said...

i meant toddler. i'm not sure what a todder is, but it sounds like something that should be breaded and fried.