Monday, August 20, 2007

They say everything's bigger in Texas, but I'm not so sure. The roadsigns are miniscule, and it's not just because I need new glasses. We went to a wedding at the Alexander Mansion in Garland yesterday, and the "mansion" is not much bigger than my 3/2 ranch in Northern Virginia, though it is more tastefully decorated. Makes for a pretty setting - I'll try to post pics in the next few days.

And why is it that the groom's cake is always the chocolate one? Who made the rule that the bride's cake had to be boring vanilla? This groom's cake was the most incredible - rich chocolate, iced and drizzled with dark chocolate, and surrounded by huge chocolate-covered strawberries. And there was the bride's cake - white. Vanilla. Plain. Boring. What's the deal?

This wedding was fun for us. We got to see some old friends, encourage a few, and spend time with Deb and David (my married daughter and SIL). It's hotter than blazes and to our knowledge, there is nothing to do in Dallas other than shop for cowboy boots and practice reading miniature roadsigns at 75 mph. We get lots of practice because we always miss our turns or exits. And Ben has become an expert at doing u-turns at intersections where u-turns are illegal. Don't tell. You know that saying "You can't get there from here" - it originated in Dallas, home of "Drive twelve miles to do a left turn," and "don't miss the restaurant or it will be next week before you can get back here." It's no wonder so many people died on the plains - they missed their turns and were never heard from again.

Be thankful ~



carrielouise said...

Did you have fun in Dallas? I used to live near there. It was interesting. I had some good cake down there.

Anonymous said...

heard you got to talk to paul...
he enjoyed the trip and we got to hear about it...bill and darla are a trip! so funny! please send photo's.. his camera didn't work... would love to see the bride and groom!