Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And now, to add to the post about never knowing what a day will bring. . .

Friday of last week I was very busy getting Ben and I ready for our trip to Dallas and the kids ready for their weekend without mom's help, and all the kids were working. Around 3 in the afternoon, Abbie's boss (she works at the church pre-school which in the summer is a day camp) called and told me Abbie had bashed her arm on something and thought it was broken. They were on their way back from a field trip to Lake Anna, so I said I'd meet them at the church. When I got there, this is the full story I got:

She was getting dressed after swimming in the lake, pulling her shorts up on half-wet legs, when she lost her grip on the shorts and slammed her elbow into the wall of the bathroom stall, which just happened to have the heads of three screws sticking out. She was in immediate excruciating pain, and when she looked down, one of the bones in the elbow was sticking out about an inch. She held her arm close to her all the way home (about a 40 minute ride), and by the time I got there it looked like it was back in place, but swollen. We had it x-rayed and there was no fracture, so it appears that the bone was dislocated, and popped back in on its own. She iced it for two days, took ibuprofen in large amounts, and it's no longer swollen but still pretty painful. The folks at Prime Care (where I took both Abbie and Mike) asked Elijah if he was going to be the next one to get hurt and he replied, "I can, if you want." No thanks.

Be thankful ~



Coie said...

"I can, if you want."

That's hilarious! So sorry about all the injuries going on at your place. We have had our own adventures too lately, but not as bad as your's.

JenIG said...

::feeling dizzy:: between you and coie i'm going to be in a constant state of unconsiousness.

Yesterday Coie told me that we should look into getting a Season Pass to the Emergency Room. Maybe our families can go in together and get a group discount rate.

Jessica Courter said...

Hows she doing now?