Monday, July 2, 2007

Last night was SUCH a fun time at our church. Every year we have what they call "Summer Sunday", which means everyone dresses more casually than normal, we have our evening service an hour earlier at 5 pm, and we have a big cookout afterwards. But the best part is the Texas Tag-Team Preaching. They get five guys and assign each one a part of the Christian life: salvation, Bible reading, prayer, witnessing, and church attendance. Each guy gets five minutes to preach on his subject, then the next one runs up there and starts on his subject. If they go over five minutes, there's a huge gong someone hits. It's very exciting, all the guys are really excited and preaching as fast as they can, and it's just a whole lot of fun. After church we cook hot dogs and everybody brings stuff to go with them, plus dessert, and we pull all the tables and chairs outside. This year was extra special because we got to take a tour of the new building we're putting up. Our current auditorium seats 500, and the new one will seat 1000. Big doings, and it was neat to see the mess from the inside.

In other news, Ben and the boys went white water rafting last weekend with some people from the church. Here are a few photos of the fun:
At the beginning -

Heading into the first set -

In the thick of it -

Mike is on the left in the front seat, Ben and Elijah are second and third on the right -

Made it! That's their guide celebrating -

Be thankful ~



carrielouise said...

Looks like some fun stuff.
By the way, I've given you the Rockin Girl Blogger award. You can copy the image off the bottom of my latest post.

kristarella said...

Awesome pictures!
I want to jump right on the raft.
Thanks for sharing.