Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just a quick update - we are all working and very, very busy. 10 days of history and science left with Abbie and Elijah, then math continues through the summer.

On a fun note (not that school is not fun, but you know what I mean), our yard is alive with wildlife, some of which is driving the dogs crazy. We have a groundhog who has set up housekeeping under the pallets on which we stack our firewood. He moseys around the yard munching clover while the dogs sit at the windows and whine like my old VW's starter. So far he is too quick for them. They just can't get down the deck stairs before he slips back under his pallet of safety. The hummingbirds are back, and we have a nest of wrens in the garage. The babies have hatched and mama is in and out all day feeding them. Too cute! She gets irritable when we play ping-pong, and yesterday was dive-bombing Elijah. We also have families of bluebirds in both boxes - the ones in back I think have fledged, as I've seen no activity there for over 24 hours, and the ones in front are still egg-sitting.

And speaking of ping-pong, yesterday Elijah and I played a game that I thought would never end. The final score was 27-25, in his favor. I'm sure the neighbors wonder what we are doing in the garage with all that yelling going on.

Today I'm going to have my hair trimmed, the girls will work for a few hours, we'll do school, and then church tonight. Better get Elijah up.

Be thankful ~


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