Tuesday, June 26, 2007

100 Things

Inspired by chickadee, who beat her sunflower seed addiction, and Brandy, who didn't throw the grenade far enough, here are 100 things you might or might not want to know about me:

1. I'm the only girl in my family

2. I have three brothers

3. I'm a dog lover

4. I currently have a Yorkie and a Bulldog

5. I have five children

6. I gave birth to the last three at home

7. I love French Vanilla ice cream with crushed Butterfingers

8. I don't like watching TV

9. I love crossword puzzles

10. I have visited all 48 contiguous states

11. I have a 6'4" son, even though my husband and I are only 5'6"

12. I have sung in Coventry Cathedral in Coventry, England, and Cardiff

Cathedral in Cardiff, Wales

13. I graduated from college Cum Laude

14. I don't much like beef, other than an occasional steak

15. I grew up a block from the beach in New Jersey

16. I suddenly gained 10 pounds when I turned 40, and haven't been able to

lose it

17. I've never broken a bone

18. I once sang in a bar in Richmond, Virginia

19. I make a mean cheesecake

20. I can't believe I'm only on # 20

21. In 28 years of driving I've only gotten one speeding ticket

22. I have restless leg syndrome and a heart arrhythmia

23. I color my hair to cover the gray

24. I don't usually like toddlers, but love teenagers

25. Every time I fly, my plane is very late, or missed completely

26. Every time I go camping it rains

27. I enjoy cutting the grass

28. I took 10 years of piano lessons and don't play very well

29. I took 7 years of German and can't say anything other than "Sprechen sie


30. I secretly envy my very musically talented kids

31. I worked out a deal with my orthodontist where he's doing my last two kids

for half price

32. I'm trying to get the same deal from my oral surgeon (for wisdom teeth)

33. My grocery budget when I was first married was $75 every two weeks

34. I remember gas being 23 cents a gallon

35. I graduated high school in 1979, and college in 1983

36. I don't laugh at the commercials everybody else laughs at. I just don't get


37. I have a rattlesnake rattle in my jewelry box (I'll tell that story sometime)

38. My parents are friends with an Apollo 9 astronaut - Rusty Schweikart - they

went to high school with him

39. I have a facebook and a myspace

40. My kids had to set them up for me

41. I need to go pick Leah up from work, so I'll save this and finish later
42. OK, I'm back. I have worn glasses since 6th grade
43. I am a grammar fanatic
44. And a spelling freak
45. And I do algebra for fun
46. I've always hated history
47. In my 23 years of marriage we have moved 17 times. I'm serious.
48. I have sent four children on long-term missions trips
49. I have two kids in college at the same time. No financial aid.
50. The day I got married, the photographer got a picture of me sitting on a
stool with my dog in my lap. Yes, on the wedding dress. I thought my
mother would faint.
51. It was 105 degrees the day I got married and there was no air conditioning
in the church building
52. And we had an outdoor reception
53. I don't want breakfast until about 2 hours after I get up
54. I recently got in touch with an old friend from high school and found out
she lives in a city where I lived for 7 years and neither of us knew it
55. I have two bluebird boxes in my yard, and have had two broods raised
already this year
56. I love the show "What Not to Wear" on TLC
57. If given a choice I would drive a truck, but they don't fit all my kids
58. I love Agatha Christie books
59. And John Grisham's lawyer stories
60. I read the paper every day
61. I have climbed a pretty big mountain
62. And got within about 50 yards of a golden eagle
63. I know how to fly fish
64. And deep sea fish - my dad owned a commercial fishing boat in NJ
65. I worked as a waitress through college
66. I have sat in the balcony during a session of the House of Representatives
67. I served Charlie Daniels at the restaurant I worked at
68. I've been nervous swimming in the ocean ever since I saw JAWS
69. I hate clothes shopping
70. I have bunions on my feet
71. And an occasional plantar wart
72. Both of my parents were teachers, and they approve of homeschooling
73. My family built a house from scratch in 2003-2004
74. I never want to build a house again
75. We have lots of Pileated Woodpeckers where we live
76. I have picked three of the last four vehicles we own and they're all great
77. I'm a night owl
78. My degree is in finance
79. I have no idea why I majored in that
80. I have never had a manicure or pedicure
81. I'm afraid I'll get some dread disease from the unclean tools
82. We heat our house with wood and it's very messy. But very warm.
83. I like liver and onions
84. Can't stand mushrooms
85. Or bell peppers
86. I'm grasping at straws now, but tonight when I should be sleeping I'll
think of 400 more things I could have written that are way more
interesting than the drivel I'm filling this space with now.
87. I always want to be the driver
88. I love old, comfy flip-flops
89. I need a new mattress
90. On Wed. nights at church two other ladies and I cook dinner for 40-50
91. My dream vacation would be on any beach
92. I'm sick of hearing about Paris Hilton
93. I have to work at not being critical of people
94. I have a 4x5 foot piece of bare sheetrock in my living room
95. I love daffodils and tulips

And now for five serious details:

96. I have a baby in heaven
97. I don't make friends easily but wish I could
98. I miss my married daughter terribly
99. We took Tim (a friend) to the airport yesterday, on his way to the middle
east to protect our country. He looks awesome in his uniform, but he's
way too young for this. He works in EOD (explosive ordnance disposal - he
defuses bombs).
100. I dread when my last kid finishes high school. I have no idea what I will
do with myself. Any ideas?

That was harder than I thought it would be. If you get inspired and decide to share 100 things, leave me a note so I can come read about you.

Be thankful ~



carrie said...

Good job! I think it would be hard to think of that many things. I liked learning more about you. I'm on facebook too. I can't look you up though, cause I don't know your whole name! And you might not know mine, either.

chickadee said...

wow you did all 100! i'll finish mine someday. we had several things in common: i have a baby in heaven too, i'm a night owl, i need a new mattress... and some others i can't remember.

i didn't know you moved from hsb. glad to find you again.