Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Treasure

The other day Ben and I were planning our budget for the next year. We do this in May because we need to plan how we're going to pay tuition and other college expenses for the next school year, and he gets his annual raise in June. Now, he just started a new job with a big increase in salary, so we were pretty excited. But with all that, our budget is as tight as ever because we don't qualify for financial aid (long story), and have two kids in college. Both have full-time tuition, meal plan, separate apartments with electric and internet bills, books, and the usual "other" stuff. So it's not as rosy as we would like it to be, but God has always been faithful to supply every need, and we have no doubt He will continue to do so.

This all reminded me of an occasion, many years ago, when our five children were very small. We were on a road trip somewhere and had stopped to get something to eat. We were walking up a sidewalk toward a Denny's or something like that, and as we approached the double doors, an older couple was coming out and held both doors open for us. As we passed by with five littles in tow, the gentleman smiled and said, "Now, there's a rich couple!" We laughed and said, "Amen," and never forgot it. We have never been wealthy in the material sense, but we are rich beyond measure. We are very happily married and have five children who walk in truth. God meets every need and many of our wants. What's not to be thankful for?

Being thankful ~



humpty said...

Amen! Our children are treasures, even with school loans!

carrie said...

Yes, this is a good reminder for me. Especially on days like today when nothing seems to work right, everything that clogs does so, and I snark at everyone in my family.

And then there's making one whole chicken, and a few hamburger patties last until next Thursday when we get paid. I get very discouraged at times. Thanks for your post.

jenig said...

this was beautifully said!
i hope your memorial weekend was grand.