Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last night we got the news that another couple in our church is in trouble. These people have probably been married 20 years or so and have four children from 10 - 16. They homeschool. They are active in Sunday School. They are always smiling. They are separating. Whenever this happens, Ben and I talk about the whys and the signs that we should have seen. A big red flag with this couple is that the woman seems very spiritual - always answering questions and giving examples in Sunday School, always asking for prayer for this or that - and the husband is very quiet. Now there's nothing wrong with answering questions, asking for prayer, or being quiet, but the thing is obviously out of balance. It's pretty easy to see who is the spiritual leader of the home, though she would probably deny that, or use the excuse that, "He's not leading and somebody has to!" The truth is that if he doesn't lead, it's better that NOBODY leads. It's never better for the wife to be the spiritual head. Never. It creates bitterness in the husband and confusion in the kids. So wives, let's concentrate on being the helpmeet God wants us to be, and leave the rest to our husbands, whether they take the responsibility or not. God's way is always best.

For great teaching on this subject, check out this book. I give them away by the case.

Be thankful ~


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Hi Karen, Very wise post...sad..but wise too. Thanks for stopping by my hs blog for a visit. Do you like it here at blogger?