Wednesday, May 16, 2007

At Least He's Not Gacking Re-bar

This post will probably be funny only to those of you whose children have had braces. And those of you who know what re-bar is (it's about 1/2 inch diameter steel rods, used for reinforcing concrete block buildings).

So last night we're sitting at the dinner table and Elijah is looking sort of mopey and not eating much. Mike, sitting opposite him at the other end of the table, begins this conversation:

Mike: What's wrong?
Elijah: My mouth hurts. (remember, he saw the orthodontist the day before)
Mike: How come?
Elijah: Because Dr. Hearne put RE-BAR on my lower teeth!

Now, maybe you had to be there, but for some reason, I could not stop laughing. Then the conversation turned to the dumber of our two dogs, who goes outside on hot days and eats grass. But not the short, sweet, tender stuff. No, this great possesser of brilliance eats the tall ends, where the seed is just waiting to fall off. And get stuck in his throat. So the boys and I are out on the deck grilling some chicken and up the steps comes Pete (possesser of brilliance). He strolls around the deck hacking and coughing, and every once in a while, he puts his head down, bares all 78 teeth, and "gacks" really hard. Somehow this came up in our dinner conversation (bet you wish you could eat with us, huh?) and Mike did a perfect imitation of the "gack." I'm telling you, it looked like he had 78 teeth! At this point, I had tears rolling down my face and COULD NOT BREATHE I was laughing so hard. The daughters were getting worried. Then last night during an Idol commercial break, I remembered the "gack" imitation and started laughing all over again. My family thinks I'm short a few cards. Maybe you really did have to be there. Sorry.

Be thankful~


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